Small Things you can do to Uplift Your Mood!

There are days when you feel on top of the moon, and then there are days that suck the joy out of you! That’s life; it can be exciting one moment and disappointing the other. It happens to everyone, as no day is similar to the one you lived yesterday. Sometimes you cannot even pinpoint why you are feeling down and fall into this endless loop of feeling guilty about your emotions. However, no matter how much you beat yourself down for harbouring negative feelings, it is okay to feel them. And it is also perfectly alright to actively work on improving your mood by indulging in small things that make you happy. 

Having a rough day at work, a fight with your spouse or something as small as bad weather can dampen your smile. While you can’t predict or stop unfortunate encounters from happening, you can always use the resources at hand to get out of a bad funk. 

Many things can boost your day positively without requiring tremendous effort or costing a huge fortune. A simple walk in the lap of nature can steer your day to become a breezy ride. A phone conversation with a dear friend can stop your mind from going on an overthinking strike. Eating something sweet or opting for cake and flower delivery in Noida or anywhere else where you reside can immediately give you a happiness rush. In fact, the world might seem bleak when you feel bogged down, but joy always remains hidden and waiting to be explored in all those small things we take for granted in everyday life. We just need to acknowledge them and engage in them. 

If you find it difficult to cope with sudden blues or would like to live life cheerfully, then keep reading for suggestions on the small things that can make a big difference in your spirit.  


A few minutes of exercising can get your heart pumping and your body releasing endorphins. This is why it is generally emphasised that one should exercise regularly to boost their mood. Something as basic as cycling, rope jumping, walking or running is enough to drive your body to produce happiness-inducing hormones. In fact, some people end up finding exercise as one of their passions because of the excitement it brings them. You might become one of these people. 

Give time to yourself

Spending time with you sounds cliché and overhyped. But it is a fact that when you become comfortable in your own company, not many things in life can hamper your emotional well-being. For this, you would need to start allocating a few minutes to yourself on a daily basis. Whether you spend it reading some interesting book or applying a face mask is your choice. 

Buy yourself flowers

Flowers brighten up your mood and space. Every once in a while, when you feel unhappiness catching up to you, you can buy bouquets to decorate your home. The fresh aroma of flowers bundled with their vibrant colours can instantly shift your mood. 

Surround yourself with greenery

Take a walk in the park or spend time in your home garden to spend time in nature. Nothing can match the healing power of nature. Looking at stretches of thriving grass or lush foliage can bring a smile to your face and calm your nerves no matter how trashy your day went. 

Find a low-maintenance hobby

Not every hobby has to be a grand affair that involves hands-on participation for hours. Something as simple as folding origami or completing a jigsaw puzzle can help redirect your energy and thoughts to something positive. Upon completing these activities, you will feel a surge of calmness in your body. This will also prevent you from fixating on things troubling you. 

Make use of scents

Light some candles; surround yourself with perfumes that hold memories of good times spent with your loved ones. If you grew up in a house with a garden full of roses, chances are that rose-scented things make you feel comforted. So, scents are a great way to navigate those times when helplessness overpowers you. Play with what you like in your house. Is it candles, essential oils, or something else?


Write down your thoughts as an outlet for your negative emotions. This can be especially helpful for overthinkers who find it hard to let go of instances that have distressed them. As you pen down your feelings, you get to feel your sentiments in their entirety and process what you have experienced. This can be a helpful habit for many people to feel a sense of relief from the binding emotions of negativity. Also, your writing doesn’t need to be elaborate or fancy for journaling. Just be true to yourself.