Outdoor Cinema Sessions: What You Should Know

The success of open-air cinema screenings in the summer is undeniable year after year. Watching a film under a starry sky, on a hot summer evening, and in a friendly atmosphere remains an unforgettable experience. Digital projections and giant screens on inflatable structures contribute to the success of summer events. Some cinemas or Odeon rent a screen for example have state-of-the-art equipment, the characteristics described in the Equipment rental section.

For local authorities, associations, or companies with turnkey services, the organization of an outdoor cinema session with cinemas can be done in a few very simple steps:

  • Identify an open area with an electrical source
  • Request an estimate
  • Confirm date
  • Choose the movie
  • Validate the final quote
  • Set up communication for the public
  • Securing the site on the day of the screening

The Place

The place of the projection must be relatively clear, with a power source for the projection (a generator can be set up) and minimum lighting for the safety of the public (we can provide basic lighting):

  • A town or village square
  • A stadium
  • A beach
  • A green theater
  • A park
  • A field
  • an airfield
  • The moat of a castle
  • In forest

The Estimate

To ensure the perfect legality of your screenings and simplify their organization, some estimate includes administrative declarations (SACEM, CNC, DRAC) and the reservation of films with distributors. It includes an estimated amount for the film’s broadcast rights. It also includes travel and labor for the assembly/disassembly of the equipment and the projection. Our technical conditions and a list of film suggestions accompany it.

The Date

Outdoor cinema sessions can be organized from March to November for Drive-ins and from May to September for classic screenings. In December, some offer screenings of short films outdoors as part of the Christmas entertainment.

For summer screenings, some take reservations year after year. To guarantee the availability of a date, it is advisable to request an estimate several months in advance and the establishment of an option for the chosen date.

The Film

Outdoors, it is possible to project:

  • Feature films
  • Short films
  • Documentaries
  • Broadcasting of cultural events: concert
  • Broadcasting of sporting events: football matches, rugby


The catalog for summer screenings includes a wide choice of family films and all audiences released for at least a year (according to the regulations for outdoor screenings) regularly updated. This catalog indicates the number of broadcasting rights for each film. Depending on availability from distributors, we can also obtain any other film of your choice or make your proposals for titles on a particular theme.

The Final Quote

The final estimate is published when the title and the amount of the distribution rights of the selected film are known.