Most Memorable World Twenty20 Championship Games: Amazing Battles

The World T20 in 2022 was coming to an end. The fans were getting more and more excited about the last game, which was played at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. Since world cup started, some of the most exciting championship games ever have been played. According to news regarding t20 world cup live match, let’s think back on some of the most exciting World Twenty20 Cup moments today.

  1. West Indies against Sri Lanka, 2012 –   

The Caribbeans are one of the most successful teams in Twenty20 International competitions. There were many stars on the team. Gayle, Sammy, Smith, Pollard, and many more. Fans of cricket have been blown away by what these people have done on the field.

Even though the odds were against them, West Indies made it to the finals of the 2012 World T20 Cup. In the end, Sri Lanka beat them. The Caribbean team was in the final for the first time, while Sri Lanka was there for the second time.

The 2012 T20 Cup final was expected to have few runs, but neither team lived up to its reputation. The Caribbeans got 137 runs when they were up to bat first. The Windies batted badly throughout the innings, but Samuels’s impressive performance (78 runs) kept the score going in the right direction.

After scoring 101 runs, the Sri Lankan team was knocked out of the game. The WI bowlers did their best in the second frame. Narine was the best bowler that night. The off-break bowler got rid of three batsmen, and Sammy got rid of two.

Samuels was named the most valuable player after the game because he did so well in every way.

  1. West Indies against England, 2016 – 

Once  O. Gibson said: “When it comes to the T20 World Cup, never forget about the West Indies.” Gibson said this after the West Indies made history in 2012. The Caribbean won the 2016 World T20, which shows that Gibson’s prediction was right on the mark.

Most people agree that the match between the West Indies and England for the cricket world cup final was one of the most exciting games ever played. The World Twenty-20 Cup in 2016 had just the right amount of happy and sad moments. During this event, there were a lot of close calls and roller coaster rides. There were also a few amazing comebacks.

On April 3, 2016, the World T20 Cup final was played at Kolkata’s Eden Gardens. With Stokes and Roy in great shape, the Three Lions had no trouble making it to the finals of the tournament. But during the whole tournament, Windies batters hit the ball cleanly.

When England batted first at the beginning of the game, it was hard for them to score runs. As the game went on, Root and Buttler each hit 54 runs, which helped keep the batting steady.

England had 155 runs at the end of their first turn at bat. The West Indies batsmen, on the other hand, were no match for the fierce bowling of England. Once again, Samuels’s strength kept the scoreboard going. David Samuels amassed 85* runs.

The rest of the Windies’ batting order, on the other hand, was making it easier for England to win. In the end, Samuels and Braithwaite were at the crease. When Brathwaite came in at number eight, they had to get 49 runs in 27 balls.

West Indies ended up needing 19 runs to win. Stokes was ready to throw six solid balls and win the World T20. But Big Braithwaite thought differently. The West Indies hit four sixes in a row off the first four balls, which helped them reach their goal with two balls to spare. The Englishman seemed dumbfounded.

  1. India against Pakistan, 2007 –  

The Men in Blue won the first-ever World T20 Cup in part because MS Dhoni, who had long hair, did things in a way that was different from everyone else.

India and Pakistan met at the Wanderers in Johannesburg for the final match, which was a good choice. The unusual Indian team was made up of R. Sharma, S. Raina, Uthappa, RP Singh, and other young players.

Before the championship game, the two teams played each other on the group stage. They had a great bowl-out, which India won 3-0. When India batted first, they had a hard time because the top of their lineup fell apart early on. The first player on the Indian team, Gambhir, did well enough to score 75 runs.

India’s final score of 157, helped by R. Sharma’s 30 off of 16 balls, was about average for that evening in Johannesburg. The Indian batting order had a hard time keeping up with Gul, who bowled very fast and took three wickets (3/28) in the World T20 Cup finals.

Hafeez was out in the first over of Pakistan’s reply, which hurt their batting order. Pakistan was 53/3 with Khan and Malik in the lineup after six overs. Even so, wickets kept falling until M. Haq came in to keep Pakistan’s innings steady.

Pakistan got 54 runs from 24 balls, and with only three wickets left, that was their final score. Pakistan had to get 13 runs in the last over to win. When MS Dhoni passed the baton to J. Sharma for the last six balls, things started to get more exciting.

After a wide and a six, the crowds in India and Pakistan were on the edge of their seats. Pakistan had to score six runs in four balls to win. After what seemed like forever, M. Haq tried a scoop shot, which Sreesanth eventually caught.

India’s place in cricket history was cemented when Dhoni and his team won the first-ever World Twenty20 Cup.

These are the best World T20 Cup finals even happened in the history of the sport. In 2022, the World T20 Cup final will be held at Australia’s famous MCG stadium. The game will be between Pakistan and England.