Domestika raised $110M in Series D funding led by Zeev Ventures

israeli capitolis 110m series

Internationally renowned creative professionals who help Domestika’s creative learning community by imparting their expertise and skills through well-made online courses. To enable users to study, create, and interact with others from across the world, Domestika brings together like-minded creative amateurs, enthusiasts, and professionals. The classes span numerous creative endeavors, including crafts, internet marketing, and art and design.

“Domestika’s mission is to bring together innovative thinkers from all over the world and assist them in realizing their full potential by learning from famous authorities and one another. The CEO and co-founder of Domestika, Julio G. Cotorruelo, stated that we make it possible for creatives to study and share ideas from anywhere. ” We intend to support this expansion by broadening our selection of services and maintaining our commitment to providing the best creative training at an accessible and reasonable price.               

Nearly 2,000 courses are available at Domestika, taught by 1,300 talented individuals. Every month, more than 110 new courses are released, and the community as a whole has finished more than 13 million courses as of this writing. To offer the finest learning experience, all content is carefully selected and created in-house by studios located in 12 locations across Europe and the Americas. 

Domestika has opened studios in additional nations during the past 18 months, complementing its initial facilities in Spain and Latin America with those in the United States, the United Kingdom, and most recently France, Italy, and Germany. The most recent round’s funding will aid in keeping up with this trend. To supplement its current selection of courses in English, Spanish, and Portuguese, Domestika introduced its first courses in French, German, and Italian in 2021. All courses have English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, Italian, French, Polish, and Dutch subtitles and translations.  

Deborah Quazzo, the managing partner at GSV Ventures, stated, “GSV Ventures is extremely happy to unite with the team at Domestika, who illustrate every day that learning should be social, enjoyable, and beautiful. “Domestika is a paradigm changer in how we approach education and creativity, enabling more than 1,300 educators and 8 million students worldwide to follow their creative inclinations. We are enthusiastic about their potential to expand and grow internationally.