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Wild Spells Fun88 is a slot game released by Pragmatic provider. The game impresses with its stacked wilds and 3 big jackpots. Let’s explore the interesting game Wild Spells through the article below!

About Wild Spells Fun88

Wild Spells is a game about three beautiful and mysterious witches. Each witch represents a natural element where Earth (Green Witch), Wind (Green Witch), and fire (Orange Witch). 

Wild Spells Fun88 is a product from Pragmatic Play, released in 2017 and told. During the operation, the game has always received love and appreciation from users. 

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How do Wild Spells work?

Wild Spells is a 5 reel game with 25 fixed paylines. The minimum bet is 0.25€ and the maximum is 125€ per spin. This is in line with the financial ability of most players participating in the bet.

High-paying symbols such as the potion, the spell book, the candle, etc. These are all everyday items in the Witch’s life. In addition, the Black Cat or Wild symbol can substitute for all other symbols except the Scatter Moon symbol. The lower-paying symbols are the mandatory cards 9, 10, J, Q, K, and A. These symbols in Wild Spells Fun88 will pay 30-40 coins.

Summary of outstanding and attractive features available at Wild Spells

This slot game is invested by Pragmatic with beautiful themes, sounds, and images. Here are some features of Wild Spells Fun88 that help the game attract a large number of players:

Diversity icons

There are 14 symbols in Wild Spells Fun88 including 9 regular symbols and 5 special symbols. Here are the paytable symbols and their respective odds:

  • 9, 10, J, Q: There is a reward rate of 0.2x, 0.4x, 1.2x
  • K, A: There is a reward ratio of 0.2x, 0.6x, 1.6x
  • Candles, potions, books: There is a reward rate of 0.4x, 1.2x, 2.4x

There are also three pay elements of nature representing earth (green girl), wind (blue girl), and fire (orange girl). They can appear stacked, cover the entire reel, and award fixed specials. Those symbols also pay:

  • Earth: 0.12x, 0.6x, 2x, 4x
  • Wind: 0.12x, 0.8x, 2.4x, 5x
  • Fire: 0.12x, 1.2x, 4x, 8x

There are also two other special symbols, Wild and Scatter. They trigger free spins and substitute for all symbols except the Scatter.

Prize structure

In the basic Wild Spells Fun88, with every spin, the player has a chance to win one of 3 jackpots. All you need to do is fully arrange a Wizard’s stacks from left to right.

  • 3 full stacks: you win a mini Jackpot worth 1,250 coins
  • 4 full stacks win you a grand Jackpot worth 5,000 coins
  • 5 full stacks of Grand Jackpot worth 31,250 coins

Free Spins

If a player has 3 or more Moon symbols in Wild Spells Fun88 will trigger the free spins bonus. Besides, you can choose the number of free spins you want to play.

All Witch symbols appearing on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5 are converted to Wild Symbols during the free spins. The lower the number of free spins, the wilder the Witch will become.

  • 20 Free Spins: Green Witch goes wild
  • 10 Free Spins: Blue and Green Witch go wild
  • 5 Free Spins: all 3 Witches go wild

Due to the extra wildcards and stacked symbols, this free spins bonus is huge. Free spins can be re-triggered. Also, the jackpot feature will not work during the free spins.

Overall rating

Wild Spells at Fun88 is a beautifully designed game with some interesting and unique features. You will have a chance to win three jackpots with an attractive value of up to 30,000 coins. Besides, the game has an RTP of 96.4% and a good rate of return. 

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Wild Spells trial feature

If you want to learn how to play Wild Spells Fun88, try playing for free. Gamers can freely spin the slot machine without losing real money. The free Wild Spells session will help players learn its mechanics, features, and patterns. And of course, you cannot earn real money from this feature. 

Currently, you can play Wild Spells for free at the Fun88 dealer. That makes you gain experience and knowledge for future use.

FAQs about playing Wild Spells Slot Game at Fun88

Q: How many coins can I win from Wild Spells?

A: The maximum amount of coins you can win from Wild Spells Fun88 is 31,250. This is the value of the Grand Jackpot when you receive 5 full stacks on a spin. Besides, there are two more jackpots to be won for 4 and 3 symbols respectively.

Q: What does RTP mean in Wild Spells?

A: RTP stands for Return to Player and it indicates how much money players will get back after playing a certain game. In Wild Spells Fun88, the RTP value is 96.4%, meaning that €96.4 will be awarded to each player for every €100 spent by them on this slot game.

Q: Can I earn from the Wild Spells Free Spins feature?

A: The maximum amount of coins that you can win from free spins is not fixed. It depends on your luck, stacked symbols, and wildcards during the game. However, with 5 free spin rounds, all witches will be wild which increases your chance to get higher rewards.

Q: Is there a Wild Spells trial version available?

A: Yes, the Fun88 dealer provides a trial version of Wild Spells Fun88 for players who want to learn how to play this slot game without betting real money. This allows gamers to gain experience and knowledge for future use without losing anything.


Refer to the above information to help you better understand the Wild Spells Fun88 game. This slot game will bring exciting experiences and a sense of mystery that is rarely found anywhere else. Join Fun88 now to have the opportunity to bet on the most interesting slot games here!