Benefits of LMS for different Stakeholders 

For the smooth functioning of an educational institution, collaboration, and communication between different stakeholders are involved. Parents, teachers, and students together work for the growth and development of all. To enhance the academic, social, and professional progress of the learners, modern and effective ways of working need to be adopted. 

In this regard, a learning management system is very important. It is a type of technology that automates the whole education process. From sharing lessons, making announcements, and fee deposits to admissions, now everything can be done with a few clicks, taps, and the functioning of LMS only. Let us discuss its benefits for teachers, students, and parents respectively. 

Benefits of using  LMS for different stakeholders 

1.Benefits for teachers 

  • Keeping a proper track of students’ class performance

Tracking how students are performing and what progress has been made is very important for teachers. By using a school management system, teachers can keep a digital record of a student’s class performance, exam scores, assignment quality, and more with no need to make lists and reports manually. This helps teachers keep a digital check of students’ progress and share feedback accordingly. 

  • Effective management of administrative duties 

Along with providing the right subject knowledge, there are other duties and responsibilities too. Taking attendance, making results, report cards, and more manually is a hectic and time taking process. It also leads to more mistakes and errors. To overcome this problem MS is beneficial. From fee management to admissions, everything can be automated. This is a hassle-free and error-free mode of working, making teachers more efficient and productive. 

2. Benefits for students

  • Access to better learning resources 

Understanding the applicative and theoretical lessons from textbooks becomes complex for many students. This affects students’ academic performance. However, by using LMS, teachers can provide students with better learning tools such as educational videos, modules, demonstrations, picture cards, PowerPoint presentations, infographics, and animations. Educators can upload these audio-visual tools on the common platform from where all students can access them anytime from anywhere. With the help of visualization, students tend to understand the concepts better and more quickly. 

  • Receive valuable feedback from the teachers 

For the growth and development of students, receiving regular feedback from teachers is quite important. Sometimes, students forget what teachers told them to improve and correct. Also,  the physical or verbal form of feedback when delayed loses its significance and worth. With the help of a school management system, teachers can give online feedback to students. The remarks are saved on the system and students can read them anytime they want. They can consider the suggestions and advice given for improvement and better. This improves communication and interpersonal relations among educators and learners respectively. 

3. Benefits for parents 

  • Easy fee payments

One of the main responsibilities of every parent is to pay the academic fees of their ward. Due to time constraints and busy schedules, it becomes difficult for many parents to visit the campus and make the deposits. Furthermore, standing in long queues is quite time-consuming and exhausting. With the use of technology, a better experience is provided to the parents. With a host of features like online payments, and getting digital fee receipts, parents now can go for digital transactions from anywhere and at any time, with no need to wait in queues. 

  • Better communication with the teachers 

For the academic and personal growth of the students, along with teachers, parents also play an important role. Therefore regular interactions and associations among educators and parents are necessary. Conducting physical PTMs is no longer needed. With the growing educational technology, real-time interactions can be carried out online. Parents can send messages to the teachers about what they are expecting and also receive feedback and update on their ward’s progress. Teachers can also send regular updates on attendance, class performance, and scores by uploading them to the school management system. 

  • Get a proper idea of academic and extracurricular activities

Every parent is curious to know how their child is performing and responding in school. They also want to know what services and activities are being conducted for students’ growth. With the help of a learning management system, parents can be an active part of their ward’s learning journey. They can get a proper digital analysis of where their child is lagging and excelling in a certain subject. Parents get regular updates about the active participation of students in extracurricular activities, cultural events, and classroom discussions. 


A school LMS aids various tasks related to school functioning. To streamline the process and provide a better experience to parents, teachers, administrators, and learners, a learning management system is quite beneficial. By reading the above-mentioned information, we can make out its benefits in detail. Therefore, it is one of the smartest choices for the growth an