5 Benefits Of Using A Dab Rig You Probably Didn’t Know

The dab rig, or oil rig, is a unique water pipe designed for vaping cannabis concentrates. A dab rig starter kit bundle usually have a few parts, such as a premium convertible dab rig, five packs of stainless steel dab tools, a silicone concentrate container, a metal rolling tray or a silicone mat, a carb cap, a quartz banger nail made by an expert, and a dabber.

People use a torch to heat the nail or banger to a specific temperature, and then the concentrate is put on a hot surface to vaporize. They then inhale the vapor through the rig’s mouthpiece. Dab rigs come in different sizes, shapes, and styles, but they all do the same: they let you vape cannabis concentrates. You can consider gifting a dab rig and starter kit bundle to your friends or loved ones who like smoking concentrates.

Benefits Of Using Dabbing Rig

 Dabbing, also known as vaporizing concentrates, has become a more popular way to use cannabis in the past few years. The dab rig is a special water pipe to vaporize concentrates. It is one of the essentials for dabbing. Here are the top benefits: 

Efficient Than Smoking

First, dabbing is a more efficient way to use marijuana than smoking. A higher percentage of THC and cannabinoids get burnt when people smoke joints. The concentrates are vaporized instead of burned when using a dab rig. The active compounds are more concentrated, and the experience is more robust. It means you need fewer products to get the same results, which can save you money in the long run.

Better Control Over Temperature

With a rig, you have more control over the temperature at which the concentrates are vaporized, which is another benefit of dabbing. Many dab rigs come with a nail or banger heated to a specific temperature with a torch. It lets you make the experience fit your needs by choosing the temperature. For example, the experience will be more flavorful and fragrant at lower temperatures, while the vapor will be thicker and more robust at higher temperatures.

Use It With Various Concentrates

When you dab with a rig, you can also use different types of concentrates, giving you a more personalized experience. When you smoke cannabis, you usually use the flower. But when you dab, you can use a wide range of concentrates, like shatter, wax, and oil. Each of these concentrates has unique effects and qualities, making the experience more memorable and varied. 

Better Taste And Smell

The taste and smell are also better when you dab with a rig. Concentrates are vaporized at a lower temperature when you dab them than when you smoke them. It keeps the terpenes and essential oils in the concentrates. It makes the experience more flavorful and fragrant, as well as stronger.

Dabbing is also a less obvious way to use cannabis. The smell from dabbing isn’t as strong as smoking, which often stays around for a while. Because of this, it’s an excellent choice for people who want to use cannabis in a more private or hidden way.

Benefits Medical Patients

As well as being suitable for consumers, dabbing is also good for medical patients. Dabbing is a more efficient and accurate way for people who need higher doses of THC for medical reasons to get the right amount. Dabbing also gives patients a more private way to use cannabis, which can be important for people who need to take their medicine in public or at work.


Dabbing with a rig is a better, more flexible, and less obvious way to use cannabis concentrates. It also makes the concentrates taste and smell better and gives you more control over the temperature at which they are vaporized. Dabbing is a more precise and efficient way for medical marijuana users to take higher doses of THC. But it’s essential to be aware of the risks of dabbing, like using a torch that could hurt you, and always be careful and use the proper technique.